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The Taming of the Brat

Update on May 3, 2024

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badge NameThe Taming of the Brat
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Do you enjoy being an artist? Download The Taming of the Brat and you can start experiencing this creative work!


Introducing the game The Taming of the Brat

You will take on the role of a successful painter but face many difficulties. All night drinking parties make you gradually forget the ability of an artist. At the same time, it also gradually makes you waste your initial success. Gradually, you have to become aware of the problem and push your creativity and talent back.

When the money in the account is exhausted, you seek Elena’s help. This is a beautiful and quite famous lady in the city. She is the owner of an art gallery and has been a huge supporter of you in the past. Now, she wants you to go back to work and redraw the amazing models she’s hired. You also meet Belle, Elena’s niece who just moved to the city for college.

You will certainly encounter many quite unexpected situations in this game. How will you deal with it then? Do you want to help Elena with anything? Staring blank canvases will definitely distract you. What matters is your choices, where it will lead you!

Download The Taming of the Brat latest version for Android, Mac, Win

The 3D images in the game will enhance the beauty of the models you are about to draw. A gallery full of drama, tragedy awaits you in The Taming of the Brat. Basically, this is also a novel that you should discover because of its great plot!

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Story (7/10)

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