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Update on March 22, 2023

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badge NameAngel of Innocence
sports_esports CategorySimulation
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history Version0.7.1
cards OS SupportAndroid

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App Description

Angel of Innocence APK is a game about the life of a young man with many big plans. Many unexpected events take place for our protagonist and you will need to help him through them all!


Introducing the game Angel of Innocence

An outgoing young man with great flirting abilities will be the character you play as. Lots of other men would envy you for your talent and charm. Meanwhile, women admire you for your great virtues. King of universities, that’s the nickname people give you. But then, an injury made things worse.

You are no longer open and cheerful often immediately after the accident. The girls who once loved you appear one after another and are ready to take care of you. But it’s not that simple, they find ways to win your heart. Sure you don’t like this, how would you handle those situations?

A minus point in Angel of Innocence is the unexpected appearance of the characters. There is no investment in character building or accompanying story. But in return, the main content of the game is quite attractive with many continuous events. Coupled with pretty quality graphics, you will definitely enjoy this game.

Download Angel of Innocence APK latest version for Android

This game belongs to the genre of situation simulation with a great storyline. Angel of Innocence is like an interesting novel about your life in a new world. Are you confident that you can handle all the unexpected situations in the game? Download the game and experience it with us now!

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Story (7/10)

Core Loop (5/10)

Gameplay (8/10)

Visual (8/10)


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