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Update on March 21, 2023

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badge NameMerge Nymphs
sports_esports CategoryPuzzles
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history Version2189
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cards OS SupportAndroid

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App Description

Merge Nymphs APK is an online puzzle game, giving you an easy experience on both your phone or computer through an Android emulator.


Introduce about Merge Nymphs

The plot in the game tells about the magical world of the Goddess fish and the monster forces. Originally, the world of the Goddesses was beautiful and happy, but recently something happened. Their world has been invaded and polluted by vile monsters known as Golems. When they invaded this world, the pollution caused the Goddesses to fall into a deep sleep. They didn’t even stand a chance against the monsters.

Then you are the savior who appears to rescue them. You get to play as the main character, known as the Lord of Fertility! When you wake up from your slumber, you know it’s your job to clean up the world. And more importantly, help awaken the Goddesses.

Through battles on the square map, you gradually clean up the contaminated world. The match in the game will take place in the style of merging items in sets of 3, 5 or more. You need to merge Goddesses to get new higher level Goddess versions. Each level in the game has different challenges for you. After each level, of course you will receive valuable rewards. And the most anticipated reward is the scenes of dating with the Goddesses.

Download Merge Nymphs APK latest version for Android

With the storyline of saving the world and dating the Goddesses, you will have a Merge Nymphs experience quite similar to other Nutaku games. However, with the gameplay and newly designed images, you will not find the duplication or boredom in this game.

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