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Update on July 1, 2023

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App Description

Thinking About You is an visual novel game according to the story of a teenage boy, who and his sister prepared for her new job.


Introducing thinking about you

The plot of the game focuses on the relationships and duties of the main character to protect her sister from a man named David, whom she worked with. Our main character is a teenage boy preparing for a new job and moved to live with his sister, Julia. Julia is a bank employee in his 20s, intelligent, suspicious and humorous. She also loves her brother.

Julia’s roommate is Eva, she is a normal banker daily but a world -class expert about UFO. She is interested in things like the spirit of sympathy, hypnosis, ghost, yoga, mysterious activity, conspiracy theory, mysterious theory and magic love when free. She is a busy person but will always spend time with the main character.

The plot of the game is very attractive and attractive, with turning points that make players interested. The characters are well developed, with unique personalities that make them stand out. Julia, the sister of the main character, smart, witty and caring, while Eva is eccentric and attractive. David, on the other hand, is described as a threatening presence that the main character confronts.

The image of the game is well designed, with average level of detail. Character designs are unique and memorable, while the platform is well drawn and served to immerse yourself in the world of the game. The interface of the game is also well designed, with easy -to -navigant menu and an intuitive system to make choices.

Although the image of the game is well designed, they may not follow everyone’s preferences. Some players can find the style of the graphics of the game that are too animated, while others can appreciate the unique appearance of the characters and the platform.

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Overall, thinking about you is an interesting and interesting visual novel game, providing players with an attractive storyline, the characters are well developed and the ability to shape the results of the plot. Although the image and sound of the game may not appeal to all players, the game mechanics and the plot make it a valuable experience for fans of this genre.

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