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Update on January 20, 2024

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badge NameSomewhere I Belong
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Somewhere I Belong is a visual novel game with content about survival journey combined with hot and romantic love stories.


About Somewhere I Belong

The game is set in a zombie pandemic that occurs during your vacation in South America. You have to go through a bad time when you have to hide and find a way to survive. Finally, you have been evacuated to a safe area, which is one of the last remaining cities in South America.

The story begins a year after you were rescued, and the city is now a dangerous place to get out. The game has an interesting storyline complemented by the characters you meet along the way. You will make choices throughout the game, which will have a direct effect on your outcome and destiny.

The city in the game is well developed and has everything you would expect from a city, including bars, gambling, food, betting, water and housing. Money still has value, but in this world a bag of antibiotics can be worth much more than a bag of old world money. You will begin your adventure in this strange life, and your choices will shape the course of your story.

The images in the game are designed with bold, realistic descriptions that bring the world to life. Everything is described in detail, including the setting, characters and scenery. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have any sounds or background music to enhance the gameplay experience. However, the developer has announced that they will add background music in future updates, which will make the game even more engaging.

One of the game’s strengths is its unique storyline, which sets it apart from other visual novels. The combination of survival and romance elements adds excitement to the game. The characters are also well developed, and each has their own story that contributes to the overall story.

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Overall, Somewhere I Belong is a game worth playing, especially if you are a fan of the survival and romance genres. The unique plot and well-developed characters make it a fun and engaging game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

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