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Update on July 3, 2023

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CeLaVieGroup’s My First Love, the third entry in their visual novel series, is a compelling experience.


Introducing My First Love

The plot centers on the protagonist’s reunion with their first love, and it delves into how their feelings for one other have changed over the years. My First Love is not just a love story; it also follows the protagonist as they start their own modeling agency. As the game progresses, the player will meet a slew of stunning young women who are all set on making it big in the modeling industry. The player is tasked with mentoring and coaching aspiring models while also having the chance to strike up talks and even go on dates with them.

However, the game’s mechanics and substance require caution. There may be moral questions raised by the idea of preparing young girls for careers as models, therefore it’s important that the game’s depiction and interactions with players reflect that. In addition, the game stresses the importance of maintaining a positive reputation in order to run a profitable modeling business, increasing the difficulty as players deal with demanding clients.

The visual novel structure of the game allows for in-depth story telling and character growth. The player’s decisions and interactions have a direct impact on the game’s results and relationships, making each playthrough unique. Players interested in romance and the modeling business may like the game’s focus on such topics.

However, when working with young characters, it is especially crucial to think about how the game’s content and depiction of relationships could affect them. For games to be fun and responsible, developers must take care to accurately portray interpersonal relationships.

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In sum, My First Love is a fascinating visual novel game about getting back together with an old flame and starting a modeling firm. The game’s emphasis on player agency, social interaction, and the perils of reputation management all add to the fun. However, both players and creators need to approach the material carefully, thinking through the repercussions of the game’s ideas and interactions.

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