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Update on March 18, 2024
vB1 v1.6.5d + B2 v1.0.12

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badge NameLove of Magic
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history VersionB1 v1.6.5d + B2 v1.0.12
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Love of Magic APK is a Visual Novel game by Droid Productions, it is inspired by the games Urban Fantasy and Slice of Life.


Introducing Love of Magic

The player’s protagonist is sent to Scotland to learn magic and must find Chloe, a friend of Jannice, a witch who wants to turn her pub into a drinking place for the magical community. Along the way, the main character meets Princess Emily Pendragon, the granddaughter of King Arthur. The two teamed up to fight Lord Minotaur and he fell in love with Emily.

The game features a complex combat system built on top of a 5×5 card game that uses various gems to deal damage and apply different effects, while companions also have may have unique abilities. The game is designed with a linear storyline in mind, but player choices can affect character reactions and provide bonuses or stats.

As for the image, the game is simulated quite detailed and realistic. And it is no different from other visual novel games. Anyway, it still gives you a pretty vivid experience.

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Love of Magic offers a compelling storyline with a unique combat system that adds depth to the gameplay. The linear storyline may limit the player’s degree of choice, but the impact on character reactions and bonuses still yields some dealer level. The detailed and realistic visuals also enhance the immersive experience of the game. It’s important to note that game reviews can be subjective and depend on personal preference.

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Story (8/10)

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This is a personal assessment, you can experience and score according to your own way of thinking. Leave your review in the comments section below.

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