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Update on July 4, 2023

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App Description

Love MorteM ReborN is a visual RPG with a hateful love story of an MMA fighter with a beautiful teacher, and other characters.


Introducing Love MorteM ReborN

The protagonist, a mixed-martial-arts fighter, and the game’s attractive teacher character, Miriam, share a complicated love story that drives the game. Sarah, their daughter, is born as a result of their union. Unfortunately, Miriam betrays the protagonist by having an affair with the head of the teacher council, so their joy is short-lived.

The protagonist’s life spirals downward after the betrayal. He begins drinking heavily, breaks up with Miriam, and eventually stops communicating with either her or Sarah for a long time. The protagonist, who is on the verge of bankruptcy and has a broken spirit, is offered a job that may save him.

The offer is from the recently founded Sol Invictus Institute, which maintains its operations on the remote island of Lux MorteM. The protagonist’s responsibilities include supervising and counseling the resident female pupils. He learns that his long-lost daughter, Sarah, would be attending the institute for her education, and that Miriam was the one who arranged the employment for him.

Despite his misgivings, our hero decides to take the job so that he might make amends with his daughter. This is the time at when players become fully invested in the protagonist’s journey of love, atonement, and self-discovery.

Love MorteM ReborN puts a premium on player agency, letting you decide how the story unfolds and who lives or dies at the game’s conclusion. You may affect your interactions with everyone from Miriam to Sarah by making choices at key moments. The game’s plot is rich and extensive, with various paths to take and outcomes to achieve.

Love MorteM ReborN’s graphics and character designs are likely to captivate readers because they are typical of visual novels. The game’s backdrop, Love MorteM ReborN, is atmospheric and mysterious because to its remote position and the presence of an ancient cathedral. This moody setting heightens the story’s emotional effect and prepares the audience for the protagonist’s internal journey.

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In sum, Love MorteM ReborN offers an engaging story replete with romantic interest, treachery, and character development. Players will have to make tough decisions with far-reaching repercussions as they steer the protagonist on his path to redemption. Fans of visual novels and role-playing games will find that Love MorteM ReborN’s emphasis on player choice and branching plotlines makes for a fun and exciting experience.

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