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Update on June 22, 2023

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App Description

Helping The Hotties is a unique visual novel game with beautiful female characters, humour, interesting secrets and bitter romance!


Introducing Helping The Hotties

The game is set in a re-education camp, where you play as a college student. You originally planned to enjoy your wonderful summer vacation with your girlfriend, when everything changed unexpectedly. You were forcibly sent to a re-education camp because of your previous misconduct. Here, you are tasked with leading a group of four attendees through a program of self-improvement. The attendees were all female and each had their own personalities, desires, and interests. It’s up to you to navigate their unique challenges and desires while remaining professional and maintaining a lasting relationship with your girlfriend.

The game focuses on the personality development of the attendees and the dynamic relationship between you, the protagonist, and the attendees. You are constantly faced with decisions that affect the development of your relationships and the progression of the story. The game features stunning visuals of beautiful and funny female characters, making it a unique and enjoyable experience.

The game’s story is engaging and complex, with unexpected twists and turns that keep you trying. The storylines and personalities of the attendees are well developed, making it easy for them to invest in their characters. The game’s writing is excellent, with dialogue that is both witty and emotional.

Although the setting is a re-education camp with people who are not really obedient. But the girls you meet here are all beautiful and charming girls. They look like models, not criminals. Hot dating scenes with those girls are the goal of every player when coming to this game. The soundtrack is also excellent, adding an extra layer of immersion to the game.

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In a nutshell, Helping The Hotties is a visual novel game that tests your limits as a leader and partner. The game’s gripping story, intricate characters, and hot date scenes make it a fun and unique experience. The game’s focus on personal growth and overcoming challenges also makes it a valuable learning experience. If you’re looking for a visual novel game that’s both entertaining and meaningful, Help The Hotties is definitely worth a try.

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