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Update on March 23, 2023

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What will you do if you become a powerful man and can decide good and bad for everyone? Will you become a good person or a bad guy with your loved ones? Join the Friends in Need game now to experience the story of a powerful man.


Introducing Friends in Need

The game lets you play the role of a talented man, but fate is quite hard. Some time ago, you made a pretty bad financial decision that nearly broke you down and knocked you down. But with your talent, you have succeeded in rebuilding your finances after many years. And now, you face the risk of failing again in the face of unexpected stories.

That’s when two of your loved ones come to you for financial help. It’s your longtime lover and a best friend. Both want you to help them, but you are hesitant about who to help. Even though your capital is limitless, you still have your reasons to think. Therefore, you have to deal with the problems and situations around that problem.

You can be a good person or a bad guy based on the decisions you make. Each situation unfolds, you have good or bad moral choices, or a little bit of both. You can completely choose whether your entire decision is bad or good. The end of the game story will depend entirely on the route you choose!

Download Friends in Need APK latest version for Android

The Friends in Need game poses many different choices in both good and bad directions, and a little between both of those virtues. So you can play the game your own way, according to your personality to make up the story with your own content!

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