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Update on July 6, 2023

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Carnal Instinct is a visual novel adventure role-playing game that lets you explore the life of the character Sabu in an ancient mythical kingdom.


Introduce about Carnal Instinct

Queen Kethra, who has been missing for a millennia, presides over a land where the gorgeous Euphoris River meets the ruins of Sabu. The settlements on both sides of the river are abuzz with talk of her possible return. Sabu is now ruled by eight demigods who were previously Queen Kethra’s faithful protectors but who are now fighting amongst themselves for control of the island and its inhabitants, leaving a wave of innocent slaughter in their wake.

Players steer the protagonist across the game’s world and complete missions as they go. It’s important to remember, though, that these tasks frequently involve extensive travel from one location to another.

The visuals in Carnal Instinct are praised as being among the best in the industry. The game imagines an old fantasy world populated by strange, hybrid human-animal beings. The characters have a lot of detail put into them, and they seem quite realistic. Many gamers have commented on the game’s stunning aesthetics, comparing them to those of Hollywood blockbusters.

While the game’s graphics are certainly eye-catching, you should be aware of certain possible issues. Some players may find the lengthy travel periods between mission places tiresome, detracting from the experience as a whole. Furthermore, the lack of additional information regarding the game’s gameplay mechanics or narrative depth makes it difficult to assess the game’s overall depth and complexity.

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However, Carnal Instinct provides a compelling adventure, taking players to a mystical land where they may learn more about the history of Sabu and Queen Kethra. The game’s gorgeous visuals and unique idea bode well for anyone hoping for an exciting and graphically appealing role-playing experience.

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