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Update on July 4, 2023

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badge NameBare Witness
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Bare Witness is a role-playing game and you will play it in a visual novel style. You will follow a young man starting a new life at art school.


Introduce about Bare Witness

The game’s premise is intriguing: the protagonist runs across a familiar face from his past who plans to cause him further trouble. As they progress through the game, players will meet a wide variety of stunning ladies who are all smitten with the hero.

The protagonist is portrayed as boring, foolish, and uninteresting, yet in the game he is presented as a highly respected figure, almost worshiped like a god. This fascinating relationship is brought about by the contrast between the protagonist’s apparent mediocrity and the admiration he receives from the female characters.

Bare Witness features a branching storyline that allows players to influence the game’s progression based on their decisions. The player’s choices and actions will affect the story’s progression via its many twists and turns. The game claims to provide a variety of dating and love settings, allowing players to get to know and develop relationships with a wide cast of individuals.

Bare Witness’s character system stands out because of the accolades it has received for its realism and attention to detail. In terms of both look and personality, the game’s characters are easily distinguishable from one another. The characters are well illustrated, adding to the game’s overall atmosphere. The player is more likely to become invested in the tale because to the game’s visual polish.

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Bare Witness is an innovative cross between a role-playing game and a visual novel, with an emphasis on love and interpersonal bonds. Although the protagonist’s lackluster introduction seems at odds with all the praise he gets, it really paves the way for the protagonist’s development and some interesting twists in the story. Bare Witness is a graphically stunning and engaging relationship and art school experience with its branching plot and well-designed characters.

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