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Update on March 25, 2023

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badge NameAnna Exciting Affection
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App Description

Anna Exciting Affection is a visual novel game with a familiar storyline about the normal life of a character named Anna.


Introducing Anna Exciting Affection

In chapter one, the game’s plot is somewhat predictable, with Anna making her way through a new city and joining up with various people and businesses. However, the game’s focus on character development and decision-making makes the game engaging and fun to play.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is Anna’s brain injury, which is used to explain her behavioral change and increased desire for love. While this is a bit convenient, it also adds a unique aspect to the game and provides an interesting backdrop to Anna’s character development.

The gameplay is relatively simple, with a linear storyline and a limited number of decisions to make. However, the ability to choose whether or not to watch certain scenes is a welcome feature that allows players to tailor the game to their preferences. In addition, the rendering and animation quality is high, making the game visually impressive and appealing.

As the game progresses to chapter two, the gameplay becomes even simpler with the switch from RPGM to Ren’Py. This change makes the game more streamlined and consistent, allowing players to focus on plot and character development. The addition of multiple camera angles for each animation and collection system also adds to the replay value and visual appeal of the game.

Download Anna Exciting Affection APK latest version for Android

Overall, Anna Exciting Affection is a well-polished visual novel game with engaging characters and a familiar plot. While the gameplay is relatively simple, the game’s focus on character development and decision-making makes it a fun and rewarding experience. And the second chapter of the game is still under development with many new updates, stay tuned for it!

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