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Update on May 17, 2023

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badge NameAngel Perversion
sports_esports CategoryVisual Novel
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cards OS SupportAndroid, Win, Mac

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App Description

Angel Perversion is a short animated novel that lets you explore a fictional yet highly engaging story, with stunning visuals.


Introducing Angel Perversion

The game revolves around the mundane life of the main character, which is governed by the guardian angel Umabela. That guardian was an ordinary guy, with neither goals nor boldness of character. And the angel Umabela is not satisfied with his life.

So she decided to break the rules and make his life much easier. Every story in the game takes place around that guy’s life, with the people around him. But everyone doesn’t know that there is the existence of the angel Umabela, only he knows. The plot sounds simple, but it’s the way the game implements the plot that makes it so engaging and entertaining.

Another outstanding aspect of the game is character development. The main character is initially depicted as an ordinary, unremarkable person. But as the game progresses, the player will see his character grow and change, thanks to Umabela’s intervention. Angels too, have a unique character that adds depth and complexity to the game.

In addition to the compelling storyline and character development, the visuals of the game are also remarkable. The game uses a combination of 3D illustrations and stunning rendering to bring the story to life. Sharp and vivid graphics make the game eye-catching.

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In a nutshell, Angel Perversion is a unique and engaging visual novel game that explores an interesting storyline with well-developed characters and stunning visuals.

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Story (7/10)

Core Loop (5/10)

Gameplay (8/10)

Visual (8/10)


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